Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A bed, a bed turned bench and a cow

So, all of my recent posts seem to be this way - random and quick tidbits. Perhaps it's because I've been using Instagram a lot and I'm getting used to quick, on-the-fly photo posting - follow me at sacullum.

I mentioned recently that I planned to add more hydrangeas to our backyard. We actually added an entire landscape bed along a portion of the back of the house.

There are two Japanese Maples, six Azaelas and five hydrangeas (two varieties). I can't wait to watch the hydrangeas grow and see what color they will be! The color you purchase is not necessarily the color you end up with once planted.

Next, I just finished this headboard/footboard bench.  I found it already assembled so I just finished it off with paint and dressing.  I think it's pretty darn cute!

And last, I traveled to visit my best friend north of Austin.  I made a few shopping stops along the way - in search of treasures for my clients of course - but alas, found something that I just had to keep.  The cow picture and the corbel are both new additions to the large space above our kitchen cabinets.  LOVE!