Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July Events!

June 30th - July 3rd
First Monday Trade Days
Canton, Texas
TIP:  Be sure to visit LaurieAnna's!

July 1st
10:00am Opening of Good Look, Inc.
318 Main St.
Princeton, Texas
TIP:  Store owner, Vincent, is a regular vendor at the Old Red Lumberyard Junk Market!

July 16th - July 17th
City Wide Garage Sale
Palmer Events Center
Austin, Texas

July 15th - July 17th
Third Monday Trade Days
McKinney, Texas

July 15th - July 16th
Old Red Lumberyard Junk Market
McKinney, Texas
TIP:  Check out their Facebook page often prior to the sale!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Table Made Better

My mother-in-law recently gave me this table that she was no longer using.  I've always liked it because it's a nice size and has some great detail.  I decided to leave the top alone but painted the rest of the table with my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey.

I sanded it quite a bit - I just love how the chalk paint sands!  Here is a close-up of the great detail on the apron:

I just love the feeling of a finished project!

A little blog inspiration

Happy Friday!  This is going to be quick as I'm supposed to be getting ready for work right now (shhh!).  I discovered this blog today and just had to share this amazing table - talk about some inspiration!  Go check it out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Metal & Awesome (but what is it)?

I bought this awesome piece at a "Vintage Sale" (a yard sale with cool stuff but not dirt cheap prices) on Sunday.

It's heavy and the base has holes in the corners for bolts.  My plan is to bolt it to a cedar beam to make it taller and use it for hanging baskets.

It's old - do you know what it was used for originally?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feeling HOT-HOT-HOT!

Hats off to both the shoppers and the vendors of the Old Red Lumberyard - it was so dang hot!  Despite the soaring temps, there were more vendors set-up than ever before.  This sale has tripled in size since I first discovered it!
The City doesn't allow the pop-up style tents so everyone uses these market umbrellas which I think just adds to the charm.
Here is a shot of our space - we got so many comments on our blue beach umbrellas!
We will not have this space next month.  These spaces are taken by permanent vendors and they can leave their merchandise in the storage area after the sale - major perk.  Many of the vendors go all out and really make their space feel like a shop.  If you haven't made it out yet it's a must see!  Also, there is a great new shop across the street called Fringe that is only open in conjunction with the Old Red Lumberyard sale. 
Stay tuned for details on the July sale!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Red Lumberyard Junk Market

I'm going to be here on Saturday - not just shopping but selling too!!

The Old Red Lumberyard Junk Market
Come see us - 600 E. Louisiana St., McKinney, TX 75069 - 9:00am to 5:00pm.  There are lots of great vendors and tons of treasures that you will surely want to take home!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Side Table - Before & After

Hi friends!  I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!  It's hot here in Texas!

I picked up this table on Friday and thought it had potential.  I decided I would use my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint before I even got it out of the store.

Lately, I've been using two colors on many of my pieces.  This table presented a great opportunity to use two colors.

I loved the unusual base on this table. 
The two Annie Sloan colors are Old Ochre and Duck Egg.  I would really like to order some Annie Sloan in Paris Gray as well.
What other Annie Sloan colors do you recommend?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am so in love!

I just discovered the most amazing site - I hate when I share these things because I get this feeling I'm the last to know!  Do you know about Aidan Gray Home?  I so encourage you to go to their site and click on the "New 2011 Catalog" link - I could page through it a 1,000 times!

I am completely in love with this:

I need two of these at the end of our bed really bad!

Monday, June 6, 2011

REVIEW - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

After reading the many wonderful reviews and watching a couple of great video tutorials on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I just had to place an order!  I purchased two colors - Duck Egg and Old Ochre.  I also purchased the dark wax and a special wax brush. 

I'm not gonna lie - the price tag (including shipping) had me second guessing my decision to try it!  I must admit though - I was giddy when the package arrived at my front door!

I have painted four pieces so far.
I will echo must of the points made by other bloggers:  no primer is required, it dries incredibly fast, it goes on great with both brush and roller, it sands remarkably well, the colors can be altered pretty drastically with wax, it cleans up easily and it thickens if the lid is left off. 

I did not, however,  find that it goes farther than latex paint as many others have stated.

Now on to the wax.  The dark wax is very soft - it looks almost like pudding.  The instructions on the can say to use a clear wax first and then to apply the dark wax.  Now, I'm actually pretty anal - a planner - a rule follower - but I just simply cannot take the time to apply clear and then dark wax on all of my pieces.  So I turned the directions around out of sight and just applied that dark wax right on top of the paint. (I love the wax brush by the way).  I wiped it off with a clean soft cloth and was shocked at the color change.

It turned the Duck Egg blue this great green color.  I love the options that exist with just one color.  But, I also really liked the blue color and knew the straight dark wax couldn't be used on everything. 

So, my next experiment was to mix plain Minwax clear wax with a little of the dark wax.  I used an airtight tupperware- type container so it would keep.

This was the ticket my friends!  It's econmical and it worked like a charm!

Overall, I ADORE this paint!  I must say that nothing gives you the aged-look quite as well.  It will be my go to choice for any piece that has a lot of poly, any surface that is not solid wood...basically opportunities to skip the primer step.  But, I won't be throwing out my latex paints just yet...

E-mail me or comment with any questions!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Minute Announcement!

This is a last minute announcement of a sale we are having THIS Saturday!  Mom and I just found out we have use of a vacant lot to hold a sale on Saturday from 9:00-5:00!  The lot is located right beside the Sherwin-Williams located at 3920 FM 2181 (Swisher), Hickory Creek, TX 75065.

Here is a sneak peek of some things I will have for sale:
This is a great little table that I used my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on!  I will do a separate post with my review of the chalk paint and wax tips.

Check out the "before" below:

These chairs are great - they fold - perfect for extra seating.  I don't have a before photo but I recovered the seats.
More chairs...

I am loving the French-look of this coffee table.  It is long - almost 53".  I actually think it would be fantastic at the end of a bed!
Mom has FAR MORE inventory and we will have lots of great things.  We even have some special items from my brother in Arkansas.  It's last minute and we are scrambling a bit but it will be worth the drive - come see us!