Thursday, October 27, 2011

Updates to the Laundry Room

Our laundry room is basically a long narrow hallway that leads from the garage to the kitchen (very difficult to photograph long, narrow spaces). 
A few years ago we added beadboard to the wall along one side.  Our dog's crate took up one big corner in the space.  We couldn't add the beadboard where her crate was because it literally wouldn't fit - her crate really didn't fit either but we sort of forced it - as in had to remove the baseboard to get it in!  So, a year or so ago our dog suddenly decides she no longer wants to spend her days in the crate which she previously loved.

I finally moved the crate out and called in my beloved painter to add beadboard in that corner.  And since he was coming could he please paint the beadboard and the walls.  I went with Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble on the walls and I LOVE it.  These pictures don't do the color justice.

You may recognize what is now occupying that corner.   Remember the great typewriter stand from this post

The room is lighter and brighter.  I really wanted to keep it simple so a bunch of my previous decor didn't go back into the space.
Now, if you are looking at these pictures and thinking to yourself "it looks pretty full of decor if you ask me" - just take a look at all the items that didn't make the cut:
Yes, I have enough to outfit a couple more laundry rooms!

Isn't it amazing how clean spaces feel with a fresh coat of paint?  I'm loving my updated laundry room!


AntiqueChase said...

Decor that didn't make the cut? that's hilarious!! I need to remember that line! :)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Stephanie, it looks beautiful. I too am working on restyling my new office and I'm like you, there's lots of stuff that is not making the cut. Happy Friday, T

Vintage and Company said...

So cute, It will make you want to do laundry now right?!

Dumpster Diva said...

Love it! And BTW....It's all your fault that I started blogging! I googled southern charm one day, found you, then Miss Mustard Seed from your blog! THANK YOU! I am having tons of fun and meeting lots of great people! I am also a vendor at The Old Red Lumberyard Junk Market! I would love to met you next time you come down!