Sunday, May 5, 2013

A great cabinet and hydrangeas

Hi friends.  Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!  Our weather is amazing today - which, for me, means a mix of painting and yard work.

I painted this wonderful cabinet this morning.  I really love this piece and haven't seen one quite like it before.  It's old and I'm not positive what it would have been used for.  It could have been used for filing or perhaps used in the dining area for silverware and table linens?  Please share if you know the answer!  

I love the height, the legs and of course the details of this piece (it even has the little backplate in tact)!

Next, I just have to share that I'm giddy about my hydrangeas because they are about to bloom!  You may remember that I planted three hydrangea bushes last summer.  Check out this post from last May to see the size of the bushes then.  Here is a photo taken this morning - they are growing and they are full of soon-to-be gorgeous hydrangeas!

I'll share more photos when they are in full bloom!


must love junk said...

I wish I could grow hydrangeas-LOVE them! Not sure what the cabinet was for, but it looks great! :)

Lori said...

It is a music sheet holder. Usually, found alongside a piano. Lucky you on the hydrangeas. My three all bit the dust.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love hydrangeas. That's a pretty cabinet too. Have a graet week!

Solange Hooks said...

I was told hydrangeas don't do well in Texas. I plan on growing them anyways. keep us up to date how well they do! Cant wait to visit your shoppe again soon.

Jaybird said...

Yeppers, a music cabinet!
Good luck with your hydrangeas...I know they will not grow down here in the middle of the state...they just faint in the heat :^(