Friday, August 2, 2013

A new adventure in decorating - a chicken coop!

I love all things helping friends decorate a new space or re-do an old one, love looking at magazines and watching shows about decorating, love looking through bolts of fabrics (whether I need any or not) love shopping for home things for me or for others...I love all things decorating.  

The shop has allowed me to help some wonderful clients decorate even if it's simply through selling them a new lamp or frame.  But the shop has also led me to a first...helping to decorate a chicken coop!  Yep, chickens and fancy coops are all the rage.  Have you noticed the growing trend?  There was even a Coop Tour in Dallas this May!

Take a look at these great coop photos from our new clients and friends!
This "The Egg Plant" fence wood sign was our Coop-Warming gift to them!

Farm Fresh sign purchased from our shop.

Vintage ladder purchased from our shop.

Small rooster plaque & rustic lantern purchased from our shop.

Dusting Pan purchased from our shop.

Idea to use chicken feeder to hang curtains from our shop.

I never knew my decorating opportunities would lead me here, but it sure has been fun!


Sisters Treasures said...

Hi Stephanie,
I am amazed at the little 'mansions' that are now chicken coops! The items from your shop make this coop look adorable! (who would have thought adorable and chicken would go together, but there you have it! ha!)
I enjoy reading your blog.
Betsy of Sisters' Treasures

Vintage and Company said...

Those are some lucky chics! It is so fun to see items used that we sell! Super job! Hope the store is doing well!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Stephanie, can you please email me at I have something I'd like to ask you. Thanks.