Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's that hydrangea time of year!

Hi friends!  Gosh, I haven't done a post since Easter - time flies when you're having fun...!  If you've been hanging out here at Southern Charm Cottage long you know how I love my hydrangea shrubs.  I have two areas in my backyard devoted to hydrangeas.  And about 4 weeks ago I decided to try a hydrangea tree!  I never knew hydrangea trees existed until our recent trip to Natchez, MS.  See my post on Natchez here.

This is from my first section of hydrangea shrubs - planted 2-3 years ago:

This is from my second section - planted just last year:

And here is my hydrangea tree at week 4.  It came looking like dead sticks so I'm pretty thrilled with this progress!

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Stacey said...

How pretty! Our oak leaf hydrangea is blooming like crazy now and it makes me so happy. I think hydrangea trees are really just regular bushes that they've cut that way over least that's how it is with the tree form of roses and lantana. :)