Sunday, December 21, 2014

Farmhouse style in the laundry room!

Hi friends!  Back in October of 2011, I shared photos of our updated laundry room - see that post here.  I went from kind of a garden theme to more of a clean, farmhouse feel.  If you look back at the photos you will notice that I avoided taking a photo of the door that leads to the garage.  I hated the door - it was solid and very plain.  I've been searching for an antique door with more character for quite some time.  I finally found the PERFECT door and couldn't be happier!

I love being able to see out the windows.  I love entering our home by turning an antique glass door knob.  I love the farmhouse feel of the door.   

We don't know if this will be our forever home or not, but I'm pretty sure this door is going with us if we move!

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j2c2hap said...

Omg! I love this!!!