Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Tour for BFF Part 3 - Master Bedroom

If you missed Part 1 go here and for Part 2 go here.  Moving on to the master bedroom - there have actually been quite a few changes in this room since my best friend's last visit.

The linen panels are a new addition.  I love the softness and the amount of light they let in.

I've posted on these porch columns and our new headboard previously.  You can also see the recently added mirror on the top drawers of our nightstands.

I've also posted on my collection wall of antique frameless mirrors before - LOVE!

The paint/Mod Podge treatment on our armoire is a very recent project.  See that VERY OLD mirror on top - that's good stuff huh?

I never say a room is "complete" but I'm loving the recent changes to our bedroom!


Nene said...

Beautiful!!! Don't you just love watching the transition. I sure do... all the hard work does pay off. :) It's looking so Fabulous!! I plan to post more pictures of my home too. I hope you check it out... God Bless you Stephanie. Hope you stay warm... brrrr. it's cold out there... :) Nene

j2c2hap said...

So much new stuff! Love the new curtains, picture above bed, and headboard. The headboard looks super cute! I cannot wait to see it in person. That, and the rest of the house! Miss you !