Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Vintage Christmas Mantle

Hi friends!  Is it just me or is time flying by at record speed?!

I finally got around to getting our stockings out of the attic and decorating the mantle.  Y'all know I'm not a big seasonal decorator, but I enjoyed added some vintage charm to our mantle this year.

I have these two old jars and it just so happens that one has a green lid and one has a red lid!

I love these two vintage-inspired ornaments.  I got them a couple of years ago for 75% off after Christmas.

I even used my antique bread pan and added a couple of vintage Christmas prints with magnets.

I also used my two old spools because I have a red one and green one.

Our stocking holders spell out "PEACE".  I splurged on our stockings and holders (Pottery Barn) ten years ago but I always put them back in the plastic and they still look brand new.

Our tree is yet to come - we always buy a live one.

I hope you are all enjoying bringing a little Christmas cheer into your homes! 


Vintage and Company said...

Love your bread pan idea with magnets...I have some of those! AND yes, the month is flying by...And I love December too!

Morning T said...

Your mantle is beautiful Stephanie~ happy holidays to you!!

Donna said...

So pretty! I love how simple and beautiful your mantle looks! I too am shocked at how fast time seems to be moving right now!
Take care Stephanie and enjoy this fleeting season