Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi Ho Silver - Part Two

About a month ago I shared pictures of my new (old) barley twist tea cart that displays many of my silver plate pieces.  I mentioned then that I would soon have another display for the rest of my collection.

I found this plate rack on ebay and it's now hanging in our dining room.  I love the bottom shelf that is larger and doesn't have the crosspiece - perfect for displaying these items!

My inspiration for this display came from Patina Green - a wonderful shop on the Square in McKinney, Texas.  Check out this photo from the shop that Kaci posted:


This rack is very large - unfortunately I didn't have the space to accommodate it.  But isn't it just awesome?!  Look at all of the salt/pepper sets on that bottom shelf - love!

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Rene said...

I'm crazy for silver too Stephanie!