Saturday, May 5, 2012

The $8.98 Shower Curtain Makeover

So, it's the shower curtain's fault.  It all started with an innocent trip to Target.  I was checking out the clearance end-caps when I found a great (there was only one) striped shower curtain that was marked down to $8.98!  It was really nice, Fieldcrest brand, heavy fabric - a great deal right?  I thought it would be great for the boy's bathroom and I reminded myself that their current shower curtain is over 10 years old!  I'm a pro at justification - ha!

Okay, so you see where this is going right...after buying new artwork, accessories, towels and a rug I've made the $8.98 shower curtain work.

The two nautical-themed canvases are new - found them at TJ Maxx.  The oar I hung on the back wall above the shower curtain is new - a find from Home Goods.  The rug and towels are new - from Target.

Don't the canvases match the stripes in the shower curtain perfectly?

The soap dispenser, tissue holder and trash can are all new - purchased at Stein Mart.  The three hooks and pails above the towel bar were purchased at LaurieAnna's in Canton a long time ago.

So...the boy's bathroom has gone from a safari feel to a calm nautical feel and it's a really nice change!  I'm just a teensy bit worried about what surprises I might find in those pails...


Lori said...

How do you have time to post while working your market in McKinney. You are amazing.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Stephanie, the anonymous comment above is odd? Looks like a spam comment. Anyways, the makeover looks great!

lynn said...

beautiful bath, stephanie! i have 2 boys and i love the pail comment:)

j2c2hap said...

Hard to believe that will all the redecorating you do, you hadn't changed the Safari theme. I love that shower curtain! Gotta love the Target Clearance End Cap.