Friday, May 11, 2012

Coast-to-Coast Shopping!

Like most, I have just one hour for lunch during my work day.  Well, today during my lunch hour I shopped Miami, San Francisco, Aspen, Conneticut and Boston!  Yep - I visited The Shops at Target.  I'm sure you have seen the commercial about Target collaborating with small boutiques across the nation.

Privet House was by far my favorite of the shops!  I bought 4 place mats, but really considered several things.  I want to check other Target stores in my area because I felt like a lot of inventory had sold already.

I also loved the Polka Dog Bakery shop of Boston.  I bought a super cute striped collar for Riley.

The candy store out of San Francisco had a FUN display too.

I just love this concept and think Target is brilliant for coming up with it.  I hope they will continue to feature new shops.  Go check it out!


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Hi, Stephanie! I was just in target this weekend. So many cute things!
Congratulations! You won my Shaggy Fabric Wreath Giveaway! Contact me when you have a chance and I'll get that in the mail to you.

chateau chic said...

For some reason I missed the ad, but will go out today to check out the Target near us. Thanks for the heads up!
Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

j2c2hap said...

I cannot believe that I haven't seen this yet. I am usually at Target at least once a week, obviously I have been away too long. Must go tomorrow!

Laura and Lisa said...

I had to restrain myself at the Privet House display. Too much cute stuff!

Welcome said...

It was my favorite too! I bought some plates and the white/jute chevron placemat. Love it all!