Saturday, May 26, 2012

More on the living room...lighten & brighten

In this post I shared a few simple changes that I had made in the living room in an effort to lighten & brighten.  I have a couple more changes to share as this effort continues...

I found this great tray at the Privet House shop inside of Target - you can read more about this here.  I layered a couple of platters - the brown & white transferware matches the new pillows really well.

Then I found this and had to have it...

I thought it was the perfect fabric!  Chocolate brown to tie in with our leather furniture, a light faint striped background, some gorgeous blues & greens that blend with the dining it!

So we recovered our chair for the third time!  I've had this chair since before Hubby & I got married.  It's made really well and it fits perfectly in our space so we just recover instead of replace.
Here is a zoomed out shot that shows most of the room:
It feels lighter don't you think?

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