Friday, November 12, 2010

Flower Market

There's just something about fresh flowers.  I love to see the assortments of fresh flowers in our local grocery store.  All the beautiful colors, great textures, and how the seasons are represented.  It's fun to select a few different ones to make an arrangement.  And there's nothing quite like having a fresh flower arrangement in your home to make the day feel pretty and special.

The most amazing fresh flower market I have ever visited is at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Row upon row and layer upon layer of the most fantastic flowers!  I wish I could share photos from our trip but it was before we owned a digital camera.  I commented to Hubby that if we lived there, I would go to the Market and buy fresh flowers for our home every week!

I bought some fresh flowers yesterday and made an arrangement for a party being hosted at our home.

Those are pears in the bottom of the vase.
So the next time you are in the produce section, meander over to the fresh flowers and brighten your day!

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