Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Treasures from Arkansas

A friend asked me what I brought home from Arkansas besides the antique furniture cart - she knows me too well!  Here are a few quick pics - no staging here.

This great antique tin piece - I sprayed with clear Rustoleum and added the pretty ribbon.

This antique Sparkletts of London seltzer bottle.  I'll be selling this gem.

Several additions to my ever-growing silver-plate collection.  Don't worry - I'm working on an appropriate display for this collection - I realize the floor in our guest bedroom is not too appealing.

I especially adore this addition - so petite:

And this one - yum:

We find some great stuff in Arkansas don't we?


The Primitique said...

Ooo la la! Lots of great stuff! The pile o' silver is fantastic! ~Mindy

AntiqueChase said...

OH MAN THAT SPOON>>>>>> lucky you!!!