Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pallet Art

Have you noticed the recent surge in pallet art?  The web, Pinterest and Etsy are all full of pallet art ideas! 
I just completed my first pallet art project and I started out simple.  No major construction - just painting.  I made this for our friends and the size pallet I had worked out perfectly for the size of their family! 
The large top board displays the family name.  The large bottom board is the year our friends got married.  And then each member of the family has their own board and each is a different color.  The white pieces of paper that you see will be filled with photos.  A larger one of mom & dad and then smaller photos for each child.
This was fun to make and I think it will be fun for them to have in their home!
I have other pallets waiting so stay tuned for more pallet art...


Danielle said...

I love it!! What a creative use for a pallet, thank you so much!!

chateau chic said...

Stephanie, I love what you did with the pallet. Great idea and nicely done!
You're so kind to stop by for a visit and I appreciate your sweet comments.
Mary Alice

lynn said...

this is so cute and clever way to display photos, stephanie! have a great week!

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Great idea!! Love the "Est.1999"...I keep wanting to do something in our home with the "Est. 2000"....but I keep forgetting :) Thanks for the reminder! Chat soon, Laurel

Mike said...

I think it's a very cute and clever way to display photos. I'm sure like you said it was fun to make.