Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bringing the outdoors in

About a month ago I found these awesome iron balcony pieces.  They were rusty and chippy - clearly had spent some years in the great outdoors.  Well, I thought they needed to make their way to the indoors - specifically MY indoors.  I really didn't know where I would be able to use them when I made the purchase.  They are curved and have to connect just so.  I brought them home and sprayed a coat of clear Rustoleum to preserve their rusty perfection.  I walked around the house carrying them and searching for the perfect place.  I tried spot, after spot, after spot, and was getting frustrated thinking I had wasted money on this purchase.  I decided to take a break and re-group.  I leaned them against the half-wall that separates our dining room and living room.  Oh my - what is this I see?  Can it be true?  The part that needs to attach sits right on the ledge created by the half-wall.  And...the bottom tucks just perfectly under the baseboard molding!  Could it be more perfect?!

Hubby says if we ever sell our home that these will probably have to go to the new Buyer...since they were made for this house!

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Margo said...

Those look great, No you did not buy them from me but thanks for shopping at Winnie & Tulula's.