Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just getting started

I'm stumbling my way through developing this blog.  It's not great, but it's okay since only my mom will be following - ha!  My hope is that Southern Charm Cottage will become a place to exchange inspiration with others who share my love of all things HOME.  I plan to share before & after photos of projects - as soon as I actually figure out how to post a photo. Show schedules for shopping events - don't you just love a great flea market?  And maybe share a tip or two along the way.  Thanks for dropping in and be patient as I work to make Southern Charm Cottage a favorite link!

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Carol said...

Stephanie, I didn't realize I left you a message earlier this week but glad I did. Your blog is coming along well, I've read all your posts now! lol I see you're another "texas girl" like Laurieanna. Everyone I've met from your fine state has been just super! Come see me again some time.
Carol in GA