Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flea Market Finds

This is one of the treasures I purchased at the Cattle Barn Flea Market yesterday.  It's a cool old metal cart thing - I forgot to take a picture before I spray painted it.  I used a sage green Rustoleum spray paint but I sanded it to expose some of the awesome rusty metal underneath.

A good friend helped me cut some old fence boards to make a platform for the top. (Yes, there are actually reasons to keep some of that old fence).

Now that's pretty darn cute garden art!

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Joy said...

That is awesome! I have some wrought iron patio chairs that I want to refinish because the old paint is peeling off and I wondered if I'd be able to sand all the paint off to get s smooth finish before spray painting a new color. Did you sand first? Did you use coarse grit sandpaper?