Monday, September 13, 2010

Out of wall space?

Don't let a little thing like no more wall space keep you from adding new favorites to your home decor - you just have to get creative!  I bought this great shelf at LaurieAnna's in Canton (see blog link on my sidebar).  Now before I can even move on to the picture, I just have to tell you that LaurieAnna's is AMAZING.  She has the most gorgeous - I mean breathtaking gorgeous - shop you have ever seen!  She has a new store on Hwy. 19 and booths in the Arbors as well.  So, back to my purchase...

Isn't it great?  I love the color, the number tags, the open wire shelf - had to have it!  I was racking my brain on the drive home from Canton trying to think of a place I could hang it.  I got home and unloaded the car - most items went to the guest room because it's closest to the garage.  I put the shelf at the end of the guest bed and went to unload more.  I walked back in and noticed that the shelf was the EXACT same size as the center section on the footboard.  I grabbed a couple of small nails and hung that shelf right in the footboard!

Oh, and the cool vintage spools were purchased at LaurieAnna's as well.


Anonymous said...

Just you think you will be putting other items in the shelf? Hmmm..

Linda F.

Carol said...

How cool, love it!! I've been to Laurieanna's once, I'm headed back real soon!
Carol in GA