Monday, August 20, 2012

Angel Upgrade

Some folks upgrade their computers...I upgrade my angels.  I bought this sweet angel last summer with the intent to resale her.  I placed her on my front porch and decided she needed to stay.  Sidenote:  I tell Hubby this is very common in this business so play along here if you never keep things you purchased to sell!

This past weekend I purchased a new concrete angel.  She took over the spot on my front porch so now I really will get around to selling the angel I bought last summer.  See Hubby - I am selling it!


Lori said...

And tell him now that the first one has age to it, you can call it vintage and charge more! I like them both.

lynn said...

oh, lori, had a great idea, stephanie:) love both angels---i've have one cement angel since 1992 and it has aged beautifully!

trash talk said...

Of course we all do it. It's one of the perks of the business!
Tell him it's called recycling!

Stephanie said...

Three brilliant comments already - us girls have to stick together! : )

Vintage and Company said...

I think that's the reason we got going in the business right? :)