Monday, August 27, 2012

Nantucket - Part 2

I tried to capture both the charming town and the harbor elements of Nantucket to share with you.
Notice the cobblestone street and the small flags in the flowers.
Don't let the lobster sign fool you - this was a very popular ice cream shop!
Classic Nantucket architecture. Hydrangeas - check.  Flag - check.
The island is kept very clean.  It is both dog and kid friendly.  (The dogs and kids are equally outfitted in preppy attire).  There are tons of shops and restaurants.  We ate clam chowder and lobster every day - there is nothing like fresh seafood.  They have some of the best ice cream I have ever eaten.  You do not need (or want) a rental car on the island. We walked almost everywhere we went.  We did ride the Blue Wave (bus) once.  Many visitors and locals ride bikes.  The weather was perfect and we stayed outside all day everyday.  Despite the fact that it looks like a walking Ralph Lauren ad, we did not find it to be stuffy at all.  It felt very casual and the people were very friendly.
I truly saw more American flags on this trip than I have ever seen in one place.  There are large ones on the homes and buildings, medium-sized ones in urns and planters and tiny ones in baskets on front doors.  I loved this!
Look for one more post on Nantucket!


Vintage and Company said...

Love all the American Flags...It makes you feel proud! I heart fresh Lobster and Ice Cream...It sounds like a perfect trip!

Honey at 2805 said...

Your vacation pictures are so much fun! We were there once and it's a lovely place!